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Stearns & Ryan, Lawyers represents both employers and employees in matters such as class actions, wage and hour claims, discrimination, compliance issues, and more.

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Our experienced attorneys are well-equipped to navigate these complex areas, ensuring your interests are protected and your concerns are addressed.

Our services involve representation in disputes concerning:

For Employees

Many employers fail to comply with their legal obligations to employees. Employer misconduct may involve discriminating against or harassing certain workers who belong to protected classes, failing to pay employees according to minimum wage and overtime laws, or otherwise denying employees rights and benefits guaranteed to them by law. In some cases, employers may unlawfully retaliate against employees who have complained about their mistreatment, or choose to advance employees on the basis of race or gender, as opposed to merit. Stearns & Ryan, Lawyers are prepared and equipped to represent the employed who unfortunately fall into these categories and whose rights have been violated.

For Employers

Many employers are victim to meritless suits alleging labor violations. Based on our experience in representing both employers and employees, the Santa Monica employment lawyers at Stearns & Ryan, Lawyers are able to spot those claims that are frivolous, and engage a strategy for the employer to dispose of such claims. Our lawyers work with employers to pre-empt and avoid employee claims by collaborating with the employer and putting into place guidelines and procedures for the employer to follow so that such claims are not made, or are baseless if made. These services involve:

Our proactive interaction and involvement with employers results in the avoidance of future litigation, which saves the employer substantial litigation costs in the end.

With a focus on personalized attention and strategic solutions, our experienced attorneys are here to support your legal journey.

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