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Our Founding Story

At Stearns & Ryan, we’ve upheld a longstanding commitment to serving a diverse clientele. Yet, we recognize a profound community need: the democratization of legal access amidst a growing unmet civil legal need commonly known as the Access to Justice (A2J) Gap. Addressing this challenge, Managing Partner Ryan Stearns, alongside Kelly Crabtree, a certified Domestic Violence Counselor and seasoned Court Self-Help Center volunteer, envisioned a transformative solution — U Do It Legal.

Our Sister Company

Our sister company, U Do It Legal, revolutionizes the legal landscape by enabling individuals to independently manage family law cases through our web app, including restraining order, divorce, and child custody, visitation, and support proceedings. Our innovative platform facilitates the creation of custom legal documents without the necessity of sky-high attorney fees and costs. We are redefining the legal experience, ensuring that comprehensive, cost-effective services are within reach for every Californian.

Empowering Self-Representation

Our mission at U Do It Legal is simple yet impactful: to empower self-representing litigants (parties without attorney representation) to approach civil and family law cases with assurance and acumen. We address the pressing demand for approachable and trustworthy legal resources with a cutting-edge online tool that equips users to confidently navigate their case.

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Redefining Accessibility in Legal Services

U Do It Legal is not just a web application; it's the future of self-help legal assistance. By leveraging intuitive technology, we customize each user's experience with guided interviews that adapt to individual needs. Think of us like TurboTax or H&R Block, but for family and civil law cases! This tailored approach ensures that every user is equipped with the right tools and knowledge for their unique legal situations.


Child Custody

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

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Discover how U Do It Legal is pioneering accessible legal support and learn more about our services. Visit us at www.udoitlegal.com and join us in transforming the way legal help is delivered.